"Tamara Fruit" CJSC, which was established back in 2002, is the first and still only enterprise in Armenia producing deep frozen fruit, berries and vegetables as well as Organic fruit juices. Besides, the company produces a wide range of conventional juices and compotes, fruit and vegetable preserves and jams.
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"TAMARA Fruit" - The very place, where an excellent taste comes from!

Natural juices are squeezed from fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables. It is forbidden to add the composition any kind of preservatives (besides natural), artificial flavorings and dyes. Fruit juices can be produced with pulp and / or sugar.

Canned vegetables are considered to be ideal for the winter storage in any family. Despite canned vegetables contain far less vitamins. Nutritional vegetables, calories, organic acids, dietary fibers, and pectins don’t suffer during preservation. First of all, the vegetables should be healthy, free of damage, classified by types and sizes, carefully washed, sliced, if necessary, cleaned of seeds. Canned vegetables are stored at temperature of 0 ° to 20 ° C and a relative humidity of 75%.

Nectars are prepared by mixing one or more kinds of fruit juice, water, sugar or sugar syrup. Nectars are usually made ​​of the fruit from which it is impossible to prepare juice for its too sour or sweet taste or for the lack of pulp. Technologically it is not allowed to add any type of chemical preservatives. The producer can add the pulp only if it’s indicated on the package next to the name.

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